Minor Surgical Procedures

Our day surgery is a convenient option for patients who require minor surgery and are able to recover at the convenience of their own time, without requiring further or ongoing medical attention.

With a dedicated procedure room, our doctors can provide a range of procedures in a safe, sterile environment, ranging from hormone implants and ingrown toenail removal to skin excisions.

From July 1st 2022 Burpengary Station Medical Centre will be implementing a $25 treatment room fee for all procedures.

Please note some procedures may stillĀ incur a gap fee of $50-$250 based on the complexity of the procedure and the Medicare rebate. The doctor will advise you of any out of pocket costs prior to these procedures.


Targets those suffering with osteoarthritis and involves injecting an irritant solution into joints, ligaments, or tendons.

Trigger Point Therapy

Is used to release painful, tension in muscles, often experienced as a knot in the muscle.

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