Circumcision is the surgical removal of all or part of the foreskin (skin covering the head of the penis). The decision to be circumcised is very personal and should only be made after careful consideration. We encourage you to discuss any questions or concerns with your health-care provider.

Reasons for circumcision generally fall into three broad groups:

  • To treat a medical condition
  • To prevent future disease
  • To fulfill a religious/cultural tradition

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Who is eligible?

  • Infants under 1 year of age can be circumcised.

When and Where is it available?

  • Burpengary Station medical centre:  Monday to Friday 7:45AM - 5:00PM

What time is involved?

  • 20 minute consultation followed by the application of a numbing cream.
  • 30 minute wait for the patient as the cream to takes effect.
  • 25 minutes for the circumcision procedure.
  • 30 minutes for a final review before the patient is sent home.

       Overall approximately just under 2hrs.

What cost is involved?

There are 2 seperate costs associated with this service.

  1. The consult prior to the procedure, which will be bilk billed to Medicare if the patient is applicable.
  2. The procedure itself which is out of pocket for the patient/ family to pay.

* Circumcision Fees to be paid on the day of procedure.

Newborn (0-3months)                          Infant (3-12 months )

Total Cost: $525                                                          Total Cost: $625

Rebate Amount: $125                                                Rebate Amount: $125

Out of pocket: $400                                                 Out of pocket: $400

Prices will be confirmed on the day of the procedure.
Payment is due on the day of the procedure.
Please call our clinic if you have any questions about the cost.
Prices can change without notice.

Who does the procedure?

Procedures are done by Dr. Tarunveer Bakshi, who is an experienced medical practitioner with over 20 years of experience with over 11 years of Paediatric experience in the UK. He is a Member of the Circumcision Academy of Australia, which has affiliation with the Circumcision Academy of America.

Circumcision Academy of Australia              Circumcision Academy of America 

What is the Method?

There are many different techniques to perform circumcisions. The options will be discussed with the patient/family during the consultation. The aim is to have a successful procedure while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. The methods offered by Dr Bakshi are:

Plastic ring:

The Plastic Ring is an easy, quick, and safe method for circumcision. It is a simple and well tested method that has been successfully used for decades. The ring is a single use device.

For more information follow the link: Circumcision: Plastic Ring Device | VCC


The Shang ring slightly differs as this method consists of two concentric plastic rings: the inner ring and the outer ring, and is again a single use device. This process is safe, simple, and effective.

For more information follow the link: Circumcision: ShangRing Device | VCC

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team book in a consult with Dr Bakshi.

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